Cool It!

by connie on August 8, 2013

Don’t forget to cool down your cookie sheets before baking another tray of Springerle. All time and temperature suggestions are based on using room temperature cooking sheets when you place the tray into the oven. A small but simple tip that may be helpful.


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1 Janet Larson 08.23.13 at 5:02 pm

What I have been doing with mine is, I have one sheet in the oven for baking and one on the top level for shielding the cookies so they do not brown and I don’t remove either of them. I use a transfer pan with the cookies on parchment to place the cookies on the cookie sheet in the oven and to remove them…so my time is the same for them all (of the same size and thickness) That way I have no variance for my baking times. So, I get my first pan right I can keep on going with the rest of that kind till I change the cookie pattern and thickness…then I do the first pan as a test pan again and keep going till I am done with the baking and gee I am there a long time with just the one oven. So even the baking of my cookies is a labor of love….But it works for me.

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