Metric Thickness of Dough

by connie on April 14, 2013

In making springerle, rolling the dough thickly enough before imprinting with the cookie mold will make a big difference in the beauty of the print. A couple of people have asked the thickness in millimeters. For most cookie molds I suggest that the dough be rolled to about 0.50 inches which is 12.7 mm. If a cookie mold is very shallow, roll the dough slightly thinner and if it is a very deep mold, roll the dough slightly thicker. You will be applying additional pressure when you press the mold onto the dough and if it is not thick enough, you will not get the impression of the deeper parts of the carving.

Try it! Using a medium depth mold, roll a small amount of dough about 8mm thick and press your mold into the rolled dough, and then roll a small amount of dough about 13mm thick and compare the prints! Or just try it with play dough and see the difference


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1 Pauline 04.20.13 at 9:39 pm

I just saw your video on YouTube and it is terrific. Everything you did came as a revelation which is why, when I tried to make the cookies 35 years ago, they didn’t come out right. I used a regular sugar cookie recipe. No wonder!

I can’t wait to try again; this time the way you make them. I’d love to see a mold for Walter Von Der Vogelweide. He is a Minnesinger from Medieval Germany. Walter from the bird field.

Under the linden tree
on the open field,
where we two had our bed,
you still can see
lovely both
broken flowers and grass.
On the edge of the woods in a vale,
sweetly sang the nightingale.

2 connie 05.03.13 at 1:25 pm

Yes, Pauline, it is so very true that you need special recipes for molded cookies! Hope you try it again soon, but just remmber rain and warm weather are challenges!

I have not seen a mold of Walter Von Der Vogelweide. Must brush up on my Medieval German poetry!


3 Diane 07.02.13 at 11:58 am

Connie – I bought the cookie mold with 10 Bible stories portrayed. I still cannot identify what is happening in the top right mold. I believe it is one of the 4 New Testament stories, but which scripture? I’m looking forward to making them for our church coffee time. Diane

4 Robin Gilroy 11.03.14 at 2:29 pm

Hi Connie,
I just finished baking a batch of springerle cookies using the holiday delights mold M7930. I rolled the dough 8 mm thick and allowed the cookies to dry overnight. The images were nicely defined and they had a firm crust. I baked them at 300 for about 15 min. I’m disappointed that the cookies puffed up like pillows causing the image to be mostly lost. What should I do to correct this?
Thanks for your help!

5 connie 12.08.14 at 11:16 pm

Overnight or 24 hours???

6 Carole Frumenti 02.27.15 at 1:39 pm

My cookies are doing the same as Robin’s did….molded cookies look beautiful. I dried for 24 hours and some for 27 hours looking for the rounded halo on the bottom before baking. I live in AZ, elevation 4600 ft. The longer I bake, the more they puff up. Can’t seem to find the right
oven temp to bake them in 15-20 minutes…would it be wise to reduce the amt. of Harthorn in your recipe? My oven is gas and tests right on for temps.

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